Juni (oestentia) (oestentia) wrote,
Juni (oestentia)

Write Every day in May + MerMay plus other things

Before I begin, look at this aaaaahhhhh!!!

Okay, I'm doing Write everyday in May along with MerMay and a few other things this year.

So far, I have totally zonked and have managed to get only 63 clumsy words. Not a personal best, definitely. And that was just for Day 1, For Day 2, I'm determined to write something vaguely okay. Also, my Camelot Drabble prompt for this week is pure! It's a really nice prompt and I'm seriously looking to write something horny good for it.

I also went out on a seach for Merperson anatomy this morning and did some interesting reseach for victorian era stuff, and all in all, it was quite enlightening. A day well spent. Join in for MerMay if you want or look for more details here. Cheers!

Tags: mermay, rambling, write every day in may, writing

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