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My favourite kink

Adult content? No adult content? :'>

Balcony Sex with vines on a balcony with Epic Mediterranean scenery. (Or Brazil, you know, cause the photo perhaps belongs to Brazil)

Okay, this was so tempting that I had to put it somewhere all dolled up and gorgeous.

Headcanon: Arthur and Merlin go to someplace beautiful. Maybe Greece, Spain or Italy. to enjoy some days to themselves. There, Arthur fucks Merlin on a gorgeous vine laden balcony with the balusters, and passerbys going to their day to day jobs on the street below.

Or, they are someplace quiet and big, and Merlin is sunbathing and Arthur comes up and... well, the same thing ensues. May or may not consist of sneaky/nosy/voyeuristic neighbours.

All credit goes to Frnkow, Germany.


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